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I am trying to grow in coco with organic dry amendments similar to Mr Canuck. I realize the styles are not ideally compatible but I am looking for a low-ish maintenance, bug free setup that I can set up to a water only irrigation system. I pretty much have a functioning system but my plants are constantly suffering for a Mg deficiency, I think.

The media I use is  65% bagged canna coco, 25% vermiculite, 5% bio char, 5% worm castings. I amend using dr earth 4-4-4, some insect grass, & azomite all at the recommended levels. Some extra  epsom salt are mixed in because the azomite does not seem to have enough Mg. The bio char is unbuffered from build a soil.
The watering schedule varies with life cycle and size but once a week RECHARGE and aloe powder are added.

During veg, dr earth is top dressed once a month, with a cup of worm castings, a small amount of frass, and 2 tbsp of epsom. Azomite is reapplied only once, a week before flipping flower.

I keep getting Mg deficiencies in the leaves and often burnt tips. I have been hesitant to add more because the tip burn. What is right amount of epsom per gallon & frequency? Is watering in or top dressing preferable?