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Hey DGC! Big fan of the show, I try and watch every episode not only because it’s so informative but also because it’s entertaining. This post will probably a little too long for comfort but being a fan of the show, I see people fail to post exactly what they’re using in their grow so it forces you guys to guess certain things which is what I’m trying to avoid. I’m currently on my last week or 2 of flower and I’m seeing different results from almost every plant in the tent (all are Pure Kush from Greenhouse Seed Co.). This is my 3rd grow but this time around I’m trying organic nutes. Currently growing in Canna Coco and using Gaia Green’s dry amendments 4-4-4 and 2-8-4 (which I’ll be switching to Dr earth after this grow cuz shipping costs way too much from Canada to Miami). I also incorporated using recharge during flower but started with Great White before I purchased recharge. My feeding schedule throughout the grow were as follows:

Seedling/Early Veg: Gaia Green 4-4-4 3 TBSP/ per gallon

Day 30ish- Organic worm castings: 25% to medium
50/50 ratio of 4-4-4 Gaia Green and 2-8-4 Gaia Green 3 TBSP/ per gallon

Week 3 of flower- top dress with 2-8-4 Gaia Green Bloom 1 TBSP/ per gallon, Organic worm castings 4 TBSP/ per gallon.

And just water when dry.

The first couple of months I would PH my RO water to about 6.5 with no problems. I then saw a recent video from you guys where Guru says it’s unnecessary to PH your RO water when using dry amendments because the dry amendments buffer it. Either way it didn’t seem to affect the plants at all. All plants were luscious green except for one. 1 plant had been showing deficiencies since veg but I decided “fuck it, what’s the worst that can happen?”

To my surprise, the one deficient plant looks great in the bud sites but another started to show deficiencies in the last couple weeks of flower and now looks worse than the original deficient plant while the 2 healthy ones looks amazing but are different in appearance.

Again sorry for the long ass post, I’ll try and keep it to a minimum next time. Also I know by the time you guys see this my grow will be done, I’m asking more for future reference. Thanks for all the help