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SFV X The Perps grown in reused soil re amended with Down To Earth dry amendments, in 5 gal Radical bag. She was grown under one Green Sunshine Company ES180v2 and a Spider farmer SF 1000 for lights.  Watered with recharge once a week during veg up thru beginning of flower. The soil is re amended with DTE bio char, all purpose 4-4-4, and worm castings every three weeks till flower. During flower subtract the 4-4-4 and sub in DTE Rose and flower 2-8-4. Grown in a basement closet with a pulse one to monitor and a AC Infinity 4″ exhaust fan with controller for air funk control (vented out to the attic). This is my third grow. Each one better than the last thanks to the Dude Grows show and network of awesome growers. Much love to all of you!