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So these ladies were grew under the spider farmer sf4000 and were in flower for 12 weeks. The seeds were actually given to me by my good friend and fellow DGC member neem_is_my_cologne @cosmic_meridian_horticulture so shout out to him. He gave me 4 cookies kush and 4 San Francisco valley kush and turns out only 2 of the sfvk were female. So I put a trellis up to try to get the 4×4 tent full with just the 2 ladies I had. One of the plants smells like cat pee lol and the other like premium gas. For my second grow I’m fairly happy with the way they turned out. Thank you dude, Scotty, guru, and all DGC I love what you guys are doing and I can’t get enough of the content you guys give us.  Thank you