Hey y’all, ‘tis the season for the greenhouse. Follow Lala la la la la la.  I decided to go to 65 gallon pots this year outside. With the smaller footprint of the smaller pot it only makes sense to build my own little pallets to shape. Thus reducing so much unusable dangerous floor hazards. Nothing chaps my hide more than stubbing my toe! Or catching a hose on a corner. Boy, do I get mad! I also am always dealing with a lack of height of the ceiling. So why not take a few more inches off by making my pallets half the width. All you gotta do is slap down some two by fours. Get some one by four or others then scrap pieces of wood. Just build yourself a square because it’s easy. Then take your circular saw and whack off the corners. Bam bam bam bam now you can actually use the floor space properly without falling through some. stupid X large gap in a pallet. I wish I could really convince everyone that there is always something you can Do in small ways to make the grow more comfortable and productive. We don’t do things that hurt. At least we sure don’t run out to do it every day.