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Have some platinum cookies that just didn’t look good growing the whole was nothing but issues ,and deficiencies the whole time and one of the 3 plants literally looked like it was dying besides the buds. The buds are gorgeous and smells epic, and has  nice big  filled in buds. I’m really glad I didn’t decide to actually kill it to make more light space for the other plants .all  the other plants where fine just that strain. Anyways I decided to not take clones off any of them when I was doin bottoms and am really really kicking my self in the duck for that decision . I would like to save the strain if it possible. Can I just harvest most of the plant and throw it into my mom room and let it do it’s thing and see if it will reveg over the next couple months and make it into a mom. here’s a gorgeous picture of it. I think this is day 55ish. Hope all is well DGC! I really appreciate all your guys inputs and love, you guys have really have helped getting back to growing again and my boots wet easier. this my first run sense 2013. Happy growing DGC

The Kid