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Hey DGC, was hoping someone with a little breeding knowledge could shed some light on this topic for me.

Given the space I have atm and for the foreseeable future, keeping a mother plant isn’t an option for me. I also like to run new strains very often so trying to keep genetics around via clone isn’t really going to work for me either. They either outgrow the only space I have for them or get really neglected. I usually run everything at least twice to make sure I really want to keep it, but after that it’s on to the next one. So my question is would I be able to make a bunch of seeds from reversing one clone and pollinating another with it? Or even self pollinating. I know it’s not a 1 and done thing and bam I have stable seeds so I was kind of hoping someone in here can give me some insight on how to go about this process. I have STS I bought a while ago and never used.

These seeds will be strictly for my personal Seedbank and for sharing with friends and I feel like seeds over clones are just way easier to handle and ship and store in the long run so hoping someone can give me some information.

thanks !
Sleepy Dug