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Greetings Dude and Scotty!

Here in Scandinavia the winter is slowly showing its nasty face, and I’m having difficulties with temperatures in my attic grow tents.
My flower room reaches 9degrees Celsius during lights off (which is from 7am-7pm).
I’ve got a 200w “anti-freeze” oven set at 25 degrees Celsius 24/7, which means it kicks in when temps drop below 25 and turns off when they go above.
This isn’t enough to raise temps to an acceptable level in the flowering tent, and I can see my Arjans Haze #3 sativa really not digging on the low temps.
My Blue Cheese Indica however is thriving.
Are there big differences in these strains and their tolerance to temps?
I just finished off 4 blue cheeses in my TopDrip system, but now I want to just do a big single plant In a solo dwc res.
No pictures yet but they can be provided fast if needed 🙂
Thanks for taking the time to make a great show full of knowledge and humor 🙂
Please ship recharge to Europe!!
I’m having to buy AN nutrients cause they’re cheaper for me here (!!!!), but I don’t like supporting that brand when I can ship my money your way and support something good!
Have a great one.