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Hey what’s growing on fellas? I’ve actually got 2 questions, so I’ll keep them short and sweet. 1st question, in the 1st picture I have 6 sfv og clones in a 3×3 I was lucky enough to get my hands on. Been playing around with a trellis net, but they’ve matured faster than anticipated,  so I would it be better to take the trellis down at the point , or try to continue training. My 2nd question is short, the 2nd picture attached is my 2×4 auto flower tent, and I seem to be stripping leaves everyday to no avail. Should I continue to do so with these, or lax up for a few weeks. If you get to my question I’d really appreciate it.

All plants grown with foxfarm hf and the 3×3 has a California light works xtreme 500. And the 2×4 has 2 vipraspectra xs1500s.