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Now, I’m no master grower; let’s get that straight right away. I’m part of the DGC because I love to grow as a hobby and for my Fiancé, who uses this great plant daily to medicate and I want to learn from people who “grow the dank!”

I wanted to share with the crew and all the new growers piling in, a little bit of what these plants can take and a simple trick to the SCROG method.

All 4 of these luscious ladies are Cherry Cordial from TGA Genetics. Supposedly they are 65% Indica, 35% Sativa. So, I was expecting a short bushy plant and before I knew it, I had stretchy-ass Sativa traits trying to use up my vertical space.

I transplanted from 3gl to 7gl on Friday 1/11 (pics from today 1/14), super cropped several branches and set the trellis net. Will be flipping to flower and lollipopping at the end of the week. As you can see, there is one stem I snapped and used some gorilla tape to repair. One leaf shows a little deficiency color, but she’s gonna make it. Might be my best cola right there. The tallest branches had to be bent to 90° just to get the canopy even. Hopefully this run will be Dank Nugs worthy👍🏼😙👌🏼💨

Any comments, questions, advise all appreciated.