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Hello good people of the DGC,

Couple of quick Scrog questions for you if you can please advise.

I have completed my first successful scrog grow but did struggle in a few ways:

  1. I usually don’t lollipop my plants until week three of flower when not in scrog so i can see what im dealing with  , but found that my plants were well and truly filling out the net by then and I couldn’t get access between in my tent to trim back so ended up with LOTS of lower popcorn and leaves. Can you please advise on when I should start entering the scrog frame (i.e after lollipop etc and if after how much should I cut back down below before retiering ) and how long should i stay in veg filling the frame before flipping to flower, how long can i keep super cropping into flower or should i stop before i flip? My tent doesn’t allow all round access so its hard to get to back 2 plants (I have four in my 4 x 4 with a mixture of HPS and LED on this next grow) so I need to lollipop before going in ideally so maybe i go hard? I’ve heard of mainlining plants really early in veg but don’t understand what this is??
  2. How do i manage flush as i cant get the plants out of the scrog to flush away and i’m in self watering auto-pots with no run-off (only allows fill) so assume I just water with clean water for last week. Will this flush enough?

Much gratitude, as always, to all my fellow DGC for sharing the hard earned knowledge.

Your friend across the pond Buddsy,

P.S  I’m going to make it over there from the UK (with Bubbsy coming along too) if you announce the DGC cup as i’ve been desperate for an excuse to visit Denver so ….. get the welcome wagon and red carpet out 🙂 Spring, summer, fall ? when’s likely?

We are documentary filmmakers by trade too so maybe there is an opportunity to talk about generating some kind of film for you and the members? We’d be willing to roll up our sleeves to show our support. 🙂