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Hey Dudes! Dig the site and the show. Wish I could hang out and do dabs with Scotty while picking gurus brain and dude regulating the direction of the conversation 😂. I jumped on the Patreon and have already reaped all the bennies. Got a fat sack of recharge and free beans sittin in front of me now  (shout out to the bean man SeedsHereNow🤙🤙). I’m here because I’m in the middle of my first grow and have a couple irons in the fire ALREADY and I wanna add more 🙄. I got two random bag seeds starting their 9th week of flower in 5 gal fabric pots. Also have 5 of their clones in their 3rd week of flower in a 25g DWC container. All in a 4×4 with a 600w hps (I woulda went a 1000w if I knew temps would be this easy to manage). Using emerald harvest 3 part. What I am wanting to do is try a organic grow in some radicle bags for the next round. I guess I wanna try every method, and settle on the one I like best, and concentrate my efforts into perfecting that. No point in wasting multiple grows on a method I may not have liked as much as another. But these coir/soil and super soil grows. Have you been on build-a-soil? Lol worm casting, bone meal, humus, gypsum, dolomite lime, compost tea OH MY! Lol where to start? What do you need? How much? And when? 😂 Salts have a certain appeal as idk. I can mix nutes, easily check and note PPM and pH. Mixing a bunch a poop and dirt together in hopes I get it for the plant to live is terrifying. That’s like if my wife asked me to bake here a cake from scratch or I don’t get any for a year. THE PRESSURE!!! Everyone says soil and organic is way easier… but the “simplicity” is complicated.. if that makes any sense.

Thanks guys!