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First I just want to say I love the show, you guys are great and I give credit to what I know now to DGC, with just a bit of Mr Canuck grows. I used Advanced Nutrients During my first grow (Iguana juice) and have now switched to Gaia Green organic dry amendments. I’m growing in soil for the local co-op, Peat with worm castings. I have also added a couple companion plants and some clover in with a couple of my Autos that are in the bigger containers (10 gal and 20 gal) and will continue to grow the herbs once the autos are finished. I have a couple of plants in flower, under 1000 watt hps, the autos are in my 4×4 with a 315 cmh and an optic 2 LED. The 2 in flower are about a week from finish, one is a cream caramel 1:1 and the other one is King pin 18, the autos are strawberry cough! That is all, love the show, keep on keeping on!