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Hey guys. Working on my second grow in prohibition land. I’m absolutely hooked. Running 2 ebb and flow systems with 5 plants a piece. my first harvest was fair…missed trimming opportunities and a failure on my part with additional nutes during bloom significantly cut my yield back. The density was slightly poorer than I cared to see. I was really bummed about it, kinda felt defeated for a minute. a few episodes ago, scotty mentioned how it’s not that big of a deal. Your bud, no matter the outcome, is something you should be proud of. Made me think…he is absolutely right. I did this… I took the chance and gave it ago. The weight may be light but the knowledge gathered is priceless and the THC ain’t lacking son! Legit appreciate what you 3 do for the community. you guys have brought more people together for a common goal than you will ever realize

Much love my stoner brothers and sisters