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What’s up Scotty, Guru and Tha Dude, im on my second crop now and having an awesome time! My lights are a 315 cmh and 100w rapid chilled logic v2, growing in organic soil (Big Rootz, Roots Organic and sohum mix) they have been top dress twice with a mix of Gro-Kashi,EWC, and DE (for fungal gnats) and so far they have been given, 1 alfalfa Seed Sprouted Tea in veg, a mung bean and heirloom corn SST in transition to flower and in full bloom they get one 1 Heirloom corn SST per week in flower but that ends this week as the ladies are hitting week 4. I started to many beans and couldn’t kill em so my tent is packkkkedd lol, I wont do that again haha. I hope to make it to the next DGC Cup, and I work weekends and could get off but Thanks for all yall dedication and for spittin knowledge. Much Love 🤙✌