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Over the weekend we enjoyed our second visit to our delightful neighborhood grow shop: Chicago Roots Hydroponics and Organics, 4020 West Irving Park Road, Chicago. We found everything we were looking for, were treated like royalty and once again we went home with some very interesting samples that I’m looking forward to learning more about and trying. Compared to our previous visit, there was more customers in the store and the gentleman who assisted us commented that there was more traffic daily.  Another customer commented that the store in his experience was far superior to the local Brew & Grow; which I’ve never visited.

I’m proud to have this business in my neighborhood; I really love how we have been treated and look forward to seeing them again (co2!). I haven’t mentioned the Dude Grows show to them in deference to their posted requests to please not mention Cannabis or marijuana in the store; (no problemo, I can handle that). If you’re in Chicago, please visit Chicago Roots; the prices are better than online and the team members there are doing a sterling job! 🙂