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What’s up ya’ll. Sorry for all the recent posts and questions. (I have 50 more that I’ll be asking eventually. Don’t wanna wear y’all out lol. It’s hard to not get carried away when I’ve never had a resource like this before🤯🤯

So I have concerns on purchasing from a seed bank.

The major one is shipping to my shitty prohibition state. How risky is this?

Are there ways to make it safer? I’ve seen the “Novelty”/”collector” sales style, is that legit?

My second concern is the payment method. I’m not a big fan of putting my bank account on apps or websites.

What seed banks make it easier or have more simplified payment methods?

I love SHN’s selection and customer service. But again, I don’t like putting crucial and potentially harmful info like that out there.

So does anyone have tips, reading material or a possible way to get seeds out here discreetly? Or even a good bank I can get in touch and work with?

I’m not picky as far as strain and genius of the seeds. Only 2 things I would like are autos (mephisto seems legit) and a CBD or 1to1 style seed. Does this make my search harder?

Hemp cultivation is only legal here on the Reservations 😫. Which sucks (which I’m sure will be ignored lol), because my girlfriend is having alot of problems with carpal tunnel and her hands going numb, as well as some circulatory problems as well. (Good strains for these problems?)

The CBD tinctures here are a bit expensive, and for a working class guy that’s hard to budget for. So that’s why all the curiosity.

Thanks in advance and much love to everybody in the DGC.

Keep it Stoney y’all.