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Hi DGC , Dude , Scotty, Guru . Just passing some info on seeds banks . I have used seedsman.com , attitude seed bank and just recently gorilla seed bank . Expanding my collection.  I used bitcoin with seedsman awesome deals lots of free seeds . But bitcoin prices went up. So Cash with the other two . With gorilla seed bank  pic I ordered 5 for $55 , and for paying cash they gave me 5 free Barney farm seeds and a Cinderella 99 seed . They even threw in 3 extra seeds of the blue treacle I ordered.  That’s 14 seeds for $55 . I always pay extra for discreet shipping and tracking . Will be trying seeds here now next .. if u pay with cash I recommend putting cash in a birthday card with order form ..I’m currently growing gorilla glue autos by fast buds from seedsman.