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Hey DGC,

So as I comb through the seed catalogs just about every other day looking at all the new hotness and I began to wonder. A lot of the new drops and lines seem like they are just all of the breeders stock hit with one specific male or reversed female. They all seem like “crosses” vs inbred breeding lines. Like all the popular strains that everyone breeds with are those stable IBL or are they just a bomb seed that someone found like GG4 and just bred with it? To me it seems like F1-F3 should just be chucking at that point right? I found that the beans I start that are a cross of this and that the prodigy are very unpredictable. Are a lot of breeders just chucking F1s a lot… bc I can do that lol. None of the descriptions say what filial generation they are? If they make mass seeds of that strain shouldn’t it be like a F10 by that point and pretty much true to type?