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Hey DGC. Just starting to plan my second grow. Being new, I have a couple questions. Please help! I am using a 2×4 tent, fox farm happy frog, GH Flora trio, in 3 gal fabric pots. I am going with Lambs Breath auto by Crop King Seeds. As I am going auto, I am planning on lst. With this in mind, should the seed still go centre of pot, or maybe closer to an edge? Also, i have been thinking about using an air stone to aerate my water/nute reservoir. My logic is that the airflow would prevent it from becoming stagnant, while also getting more oxygen to the roots and soil. Thoughts? Has this already been done? Finally, after listening about you guys praising microbes, would it be better to start that in a soil medium or coco? Which microbes are best to start with? And should I wait until I have more experience until i start to complicate things? Thanks for all the help and knowledge.