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What is up DGC, Dude, Scotty and Guru?

I have a wonderful problem I cannot figure out and can only begin to assume.. Given my current financial obligation I had to pause my membership, But i’m still happily involved on Discord, I routinely have questions asked there and answered by the likes of SOUP and Coach Steve (Thanks guys, y’all help a lot).

Ok, so, I have a 4×4 tent full of 3 Different Ethos genetics, Banana daddy, Grape diamonds, and Peach crescendo. Fems, fems, and the Peaches are Regs. All grown under 3- 240w Quantum boards at whatever percent its at(high). Grown in 3.5 gallon pots using a living soil/top-dress type of feed regiment.(works for me) Anyways, one of these plants has subjected itself to seeding itself. I don’t know how? I have thoroughly inspected every surrounding plant, again, and again.(one night to the point of ripping a bud apart. 🙁 Much to my surprise there are no herms. Also, there are no other seeds? Only that one Peach crescendo has seeds, and as you can see in the photos she is Well seeded, But mainly on one side of her.. Given the direction she spins. the left side.

Back story, Just moved into my new house here in Michigan about… 4 weeks ago. (middle of a bitter cold chill) These girls were at about the 3 and a half week mark, and they HAD to be moved(poor planning I know) So after getting all my other stuff moved in and had a tent ready to go with lights n everything, We stuffed the plants in the back of my wife’s Durango, during the process they were subjected to about 10degrees Fahrenheit for about 5 minutes. Then we closed the door and away we went. For some reason I remember that Peach crescendo in question was sitting against the side of the vehicle, with some of her branches leaning up against that window for about 45minutes during the drive.. Then we we got to the new house we rushed them inside into their new tents and away they went! I was excited because they looked perfectly fine the next day. 1 week later, i start noticing seed pods fatten up.. then turn into seeds and are about to pop out! Right now these plants are Day 1 of Week 7. (started counting on flip)

So… Any clues? Would that cold window on the drive cause that arm to stress out enough to produce seeds?   OR could there be one hermie somehow embedded in the bud of that one plant, and is somehow only distributing pollen to just those buds? Given those buds are packed into a 4×4 with 7 others….? I do not know.. But I would like to know. What do you guys think?