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Hey DGC, I ran five different strains my last run and Four out of five were feminized. I am 100% sure the regular turned out to be a girl. About the seventh week of flower I started noticing seeds in 3 of 5. I struggled with humidity reaching 88% at times and heat up to 90 degrees, bust most of the grow was 60% and 82 deg. It was my first  full on organic soil grow, fed heavy with recharge when I ran into slight nute deficiency and the microbes corrected that. No pest (thanks microbes and the rest of the soil food web). My champ is a THSeeds. 1/1… holy crap. Thee best smoke. I’m a heavy toker, and I really wanted something to give to mom and family that are very light users… my go to now ( don’t under estimate potency of cbd strains as I once did) Any rate, the TH is HEAVILY seeded, I mean spilling out when you break a bud. The other two are lightly seeded. Do you guys think this was environment or genetics or? Also,would the seeds be crossed with each other or just same genetics?  I do plan to grow a couple out.Thanks!