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Hey guys I’m having an issue with some of my seedlings.

I’m in a 5-5 tent temps are 80 day down to 70 or just under at night.Humidity is going from 40 to 55 I’d like it to be higher but it’s unbelievably  dry here in the winter and I have no choice but to use my carbon filter 15min on 15min off or my wife complains about the smell. I know it shouldn’t smell yet but this I have no control over if I want to grow in the house. You know happy wife kinda deficiency lol.

I’m growing under and sk402 . Im growing in coco using Gai green organic dry amendments with recharge also. My new growth is yellowing and from all the research I’ve done it looks like iron deficiency but it just seems so early to have a problem.

im ph my water between 6.3-6.8 because of the organics.

I’m running my lights 18-6

I flushed them today to see if it’s a medium problem.

Any ideas guys?