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I’ve started my grow of bubba og and I’m consistently checking these plants and almost convincing myself something is wrong with them, but my sixth sense tells me there’s nothing and it’s just me being overly protective. These seedlings have been above ground for about 72 hrs. Right now I’m vegging them with a kind led xl750. I didn’t mix the coco/perlite with a certain ratio of perlite, I just mixed it until it satisfied me. FYI this isn’t the brick coco. I believe this is straight up inert of everything. With that being said, my first watering was with 10 ppm RO water and I added CAL MAG to satisfy the coco and pH corrected it to 6.2 which put me at 99 ppm, 55 ppm of it being Cal-MAG. I think the pH can be lower. I’ve been watering once a day since yesterday I added a tad bit more CAL MAG and a very small amount of rapid start for the roots. That brought me to 120 ppm. now like I mentioned above I’m at 72 hrs. I haven’t watered yet I don’t want to over feed. I feel like since the soil is inert and needing nutrients I should be going ahead with my GH RECIRCULATING FLORAGRO FEEDING CHART FOLLOWING THE EXPERT NUTRITION CHART. Temp/humidity is 77-79 at 55%-60% from what I read was optimal at this stage.

  1. When can I start feeding the week 1 nutrients?
  2. Can you look at these pics and tell me if the stems are healthy or are they begging for nutrients.
  3. I’m a veteran and supporting member of patreon help not fuck up my medicine. Thanks you