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Okay guys I need some help…. I germinated 9 seeds:

1 Cheese

2 Alien Orange Gum

6 Corleone (bag seed from a friend)

In the pictures the front left strains are the Alien Orange Gum, the back left is the Cheese, and the rest are Corleone.

The seedlings are 13 days old, planted in Bush Doctor Coco Loco (which is supposed to have some nutrients built in). I was watering with tap water until about a week ago when I switched to RO water, pH 6.2, with Recharge. The plants were stretching a lot with my Viparspectra 600W but 4 days ago I switched to the HLG QB 260w V1 that I built and asked a previous question about. Right now I have it at 32″ and dimmed to 150w. I started it at 24″ but was worried that it was too close and maybe causing the plants to droop so I moved it up. Now they are still droopy as fuck but I’m not sure why. Since the plants were stretching so much and one had slightly yellowing leaves I decided to add Cal-mag (5ml/gal) and Silica (0.5ml/gal), both GH brand, pH 6.2. I added the nutes on Saturday, two days ago.

I let the medium dry out yesterday to make sure it wasn’t from over watering. This morning I watered 6 ml per plant with the nutrient solution but also mixed in a little Recharge and Great White. After about 1.5 hours there has been no change in droopiness. The cheese looks great and the Alien Orange Gum look alright… But that’s about it.

I recently built out the room that my tent is in and added a 1000w wall heater which is keeping my temps at a low of 70, high of 78 but averaging around 75 degrees. Humidity is kept at around 60%.

What do you think guys? I’m also really looking for recommendations on what to do with the light wattage and canopy height. I’m totally new to the Quantum boards and don’t want to hurt my babies with them. Thanks in advance dudes!