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Here’s another all organic Seedsman Lemon Auto (Lemon Haze X Lowryder #2) grow. This girl is done and heading for 48 hours of darkness in about an hour. 88 days total. Had 2 transplants total and growing in a 5 Gallon container. Smells good. I ordered more of these seeds. Fun auto to grow. 🙂

Soil mix is basic. Half Pro-Mix BX, Half Leaf compost. Worm castings, Jobes 2-5-3 Tomato Fertilizer, Happy Frog Cavern Culture 1-12-0 and Azomite. Alaska 5-1-1 liquid fish fertilizer for the first 4 weeks and Espoma 1-3-1 Tomato liquid fertilizers. Top dress every 3 weeks. Not much to say – it’s a basic mineralized, high brix type organic mix. Same sort of mix I use on my tomatoes (and pretty much anything else) that test with high brix levels. I think there’s a lot to be said about using basalts, rock dusts…etc.