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Hey D.G.C. Crew! All the other D.G.C. in TV land. If something is worth doing, it’s worth fucking up and learning what NOT to do before doing right. Somehow in my arrogance of grow knowledge I assumed running a coco nutrient line mixed with organics in coco was a smart idea……wrong not like my old days of growing in soil with natural teas at all. To break it down for ya, I was using an advanced nutrients coco line, Cal Mag, and adding in Lime, castings and Gypsum. What I was left with at flush was way to high of the wrong PPM from start to finish in flower. They never flushed correctly.

I would also like to add there was a sudden drop in temperature for a week before flower. This was before a I acquired a space heater. I’ve read this may lockout magnesium. After the temperature adjustment the Magnesium toxicity began. If you will notice in the pictures the toxicity seemed to lockout a particular nutrient from each phenome. As they were grown from seed. I hope this folly can be proven to be beneficial to a grower.  Growing Synganically in just coco seems to unpredictable almost.

The strains were:

GOAT AND MONKEY – BLUEBERRY xHerojuana (Reverb) This one smelled like dead blueberries wrapped in plastic.

DASKREETS – Grape krunk juice. This one smelled like Grapes with Body Odor.

DASKREETS – Double Cream. This one smelled like creamy kush.