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Thanks guys for being here and doing what you do!!

Can’t tell you how much i appreciate this as an european still sticking in prohibition…!!

Got some questions:

I growed 22 years ago and had to stop because decided to switch from plants to children..

Now the tittiesuckers grown up and i decided to pick up my old hobby…

I run a deep water culture with an aquarium pump (5W, runs like hell, incredible quiet ,cheap and build to last forever) on hydro peebles and run the General Hydroponics 3 component fertilizer ( similar to Advanced Hydroponics)..

Added Mineral Magic ( silicate to stabilize pH). I lower my water to pH 5,5 with pH down.

The pH is rising after a week to about 6,8-7. Never had this like this back in the days.

Now i decided to brew a tea from old oak leaves to bring some humic acid and lower the pH like in a aquarium (tried this for 10 years breeding fish).

I filled up a 1l jar with oak leaves, filled it with boiling water added a 1/4 teaspoon honey and give it a good shake. Received a brown not bad smelling tea.pH is down from tap water 8 to 5,5 but ec didn’t change.

Gonna measure pH next day and hang a net with leaves in my water tank if pH is still rising to try to keep it stabil…

Do you guys ever tried this or heard about it?

Also i’m binding my plants down instead of cutting to receive big side branches. Doing this early in small steps let the plants become bushy as hell, they stay small and the stems are enormous big.

Because of  this method even the lowest branche become big as the others and my stem can supply the branches well because of the thickness.

Ever heard about this method and what’s your opinion?

Can send you pictures to show what i mean..

What about the tea/ leave methode??

Big respect and love for everything you doing to the cannabis community.

Greets BSE-Monkey from Brainwash special enterprise grow crew germany❤