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Hey DGC,

Why is it so hard to find shirts with generic semi-ambiguous cannabis leaf designs?

It seems everyone just wants to promote their brand. It also seems like the generic cannabis shirt designs that do exist are so “out there” with big, obvious, and unambiguous leaves that you can’t wear out in public. I’m all about promoting cannabis out in public, but there is a more subtle way of doing it. I’ve thought about starting my own T-shirt business centered around this very idea. I love the shirts that Scotty and Dude wear, but I want to find a middle ground between the ambiguous “phrase” shirts that only growers understand or the “Hey, here’s a big green pot leaf on my black shirt that says I’m a stoner” shirts.

Is there a need for this business? Are there already companies out there and if so, where can we find them? Are they only at the “CUPS” and other festivals?