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What is up DGC!! I am pretty excited to be setting up a perpetual grow, or at least I’m planning it out so I can have it ready by the time I finish my first grow (around March 2021) I just had a couple questions and would also love to take advice on anything else I can get to perfect my plan.

My set up: (I don’t have everything yet just laying out my foundation)

(I have these) 3×3 tent- veg/seedlings (3×3 has two levels)

  • Mars Hydro TS1000 for veg
  • 6500k fluorescent light for seedlings
  • 2 Exhaust fans(1 blowing in, 1 blowing out)
  • humidifier

(Need to buy)

4×4 tent- Flowering

  • HLG 550 Rspec
  • 2 Exhaust fans (ventilation)


  • Is a 6500k light okay for my seedlings? Is there a better route?
  • With ventilation, what are the negative effects of having positive/negative pressure in grow area.
  • Please don’t hold out on the tips with this being my first attempt at going perpetual I’ll take all the help I can get.

Added below are some pictures of my first grow. I plan to flip to flower in a week or two with an 8-11 week flowering cycle. Also there are some yellow tops if someone could help me with that as well it’d be awesome. Thanks for always being there for the community!! Rock on!!