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What’s up DGC. Sorry, been a while since I posted. Spoiled with discord 😆. My question is, should we be sharing par levels?

I bought a par meter when I started growing. It’s been a great tool, but I notice people claiming all sorts of par values that work for them. They are all over the place. I even see a difference in my lights.  I have a 300rspec and two spider farmers, ones a sf4000, the other a sf1000 for the 2×2. I’ve noticed different par values work better for each light, mainly between the rspec and spider farmer. I know environment and strain also have their role, but this has got me thinking something else is missing here, and I think it’s light spectrum.

Now my meter is an Apogee Quantum Flux meter and that just gives the total umoles regardless of spectrum. A spectroradiometer or (spectrometer) which costs a LOT more will actually measure light intensity for each wavelength.

So unless we are all spending $1500+ on a spectroradiometer then I think our simple par meters should only be used to dial in our own lights, and doesn’t speak for all lights. This make any sense DGC? Would love to know your thoughts on this too Guru.

Take care DGC. Hope you all have a great new year. Peace out growmies ✌️