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Hello all,

This auto won’t transition into flower. I’ve been a grower for 20 years and have seen most issues, but this sucker won’t flip! The problem I have is that this is a dedicated auto room and can’t really change the lights to 12/12 as it’s going to affect the other girls.

•Temps: 26°c – 28°c (78°-82°f). •Humidity: 60-65% daytime. •Humidity: 45-50% nighttime. •Plant Magic feed (been using for years).

She’s been in veg for about 6 weeks, the other 2 ladies are 2 weeks from completion and they were all planted at the same time; all 7-10 week strains. Is there a product I can zap it with to force it into flower? Maybe a gallon of petrol and a lighter?!!!

Peace out ✌🏼  Bobby✌🏼