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Hello ya bunch of best of the best. I’m just looking at the buds from the plants i chopped down the first week of December. The dried and cured buds in the pictures posted are almost 4 months old now.

I’m hearing from people and the news that the public generally wants fresh cannabis, no older than 3 months old. I was like ya that seems right. Then i thought about the big bags i had that took me months to burn through, lots of times buds lasted way past the 3 month mark while still tasting and burning fine. That made me think of the legal weed i purchased legally here in Ontario Canada EH! The legal medical cannabis i paid over $10 a gram + TAX for, was dry and ugly. To be honest it wasn’t the worse herb I’ve had but it definitely wasn’t the best, but HOW OLD WAS IT? Then i remembered the dude telling everyone he’s had buds last a long time, long time. My pictures are of my own grown buds and i do not mean too brag cause i have a lot to learn and a lot of gear still buy but these 4 month old buds look and taste better than the flower i purchased from the legal retail or medical provider here in Ontario. There still moist a tiny bit and burn super. The 3 month freshness window does not apply to us home cultivators, in my opinion. I’m so thankful that i started grow my own. It wasn’t super easy, it wasn’t super hard, thing didn’t go perfect, i stressed myself and my plants. Still i’m pleased i started . much thanks and respect DGC.