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Not gonna lie, I’m just stoked to share this monster because of what we went through to get here.
New genetics [Inzane in the Membrane-Ethos] so I popped 1 fem to get a feel for the grow and dial in my new Chilled Logic V3’s which I started 11 days from seed. She had a 4×4 to herself.

Every god damn 2 weeks this plant got pissed! Started in 1 gal, went to 5 and next day happy. Got pissed again the week before a vacation to Jamaica. Another transplant to 15 gal a few days before I left. Day of my trip I watered heavily and said see you in 5 days.

While I was gone, we had 4 ft of snow back home with a 36 hour power outage and according to my Pulse Monitor, the temps were in the 40’s during that time.
Well, got back, got all the equipment running right and next day I’ve never seen her so happy. So, couple days later I dropped the trellis and lollipopped.
…next thing you know I have an aggressive case of magnesium deficiency. At this point I realized that I was feeding the same way I did under a 600w HID bulb while I had this supercharged light and a plant that would root through concrete!

So, pull the trellis, transplant to a 25 gal, get my nutrition right and here we are in the stretch faze, week 1.

If you read all that, you are my hero.
I gotta give a shout out to the DGC community, as much of a hassle as all this may seem, it was just growing. I always felt in control because of the knowledge gained here.