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Hey Scotty, Dude, Guru and the rest of the DGC, wanted to start off by saying the DGC cup was a blast, I just moved to Colorado in November to get into the industry so that was my first cannabis event other than the secret stash, which was cool but nothing like the DGC Cup, anyway my question is if I was going to ship some rooted clones in a plastic plant shipper, would I want to wrap the rockwool cube in plastic wrap or tie a sandwich baggie around it to keep it moist or does it need the air? Well my brother is wondering not me lol. And I’m gonna make this a two for one, my second question is do y’all still have the strain list from the cup? I’m wondering because I entered and after the cup when we picked up our leftovers I didn’t want mine because I have plenty so I traded jars with someone and it’s some fire but I didn’t ask what it was, it’s jar #58 and I’d love to know what I been smoking on, and kudos to whoever the grower I traded with, it’s delicious, and thanks y’all for the opportunity to hang out with like minded people, like I said I moved here in November to do what I love, which is awesome but I don’t know anyone for 1000 miles lol