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So I was talking to my dad about pesticides and he start talking about this stuff DDT (extremely bad banned pesticide) and how when he was a kid my great grandfather used to spray DDT out of one of the old metal plunger pesticide applicator’s under the house  so they could go play under there right after. then tells me that he actually used to sit at the dinner table with the family with a plunger of DDT so he could kill fly’s at the table! I was shocked. They used this shit in agricultural for along time but banned it in 1972. I guess it was still imported to the USA till a for years after that. It’s super bad shit and got banned for a reason .Just blows my mind how different shit was back then and how far we have come. I mean we have really bad pesticides now. If they banned it in 1972 I can’t even imagine,😂.I guess they used to spray kids with this shit to fight against malaria in mosquitoes back in the day too.I just thought it was interesting so I would share. Anyways here’s how the room is doin.at day 59 best coast genetics wilko’s whack, dosi dos, hellfire og and a couple of others. goin to push 9 weeks then cut.