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Hey DGC, new subscriber here. Love the videos and all the helpful advice! I am a new grower starting out with a CBD Cheese autoflower. I’m going into my second week of flower.  I am running Dr. Earth’s Homegrown & Flower Girl in pro-mix organic with some extra perlite, a Mars Hydro FC3000 at 24″ above the plant in a 3’x3′ tent. I’m also doing some LST to expose more tops. Oh and of course, watering with the wonderful Recharge! As this is my first grow, I don’t have much experience and what I have learned from The DGC has been invaluable to me. My question is, why is my plant so short? I know LST takes away some height but this thing is so short, only 5″ tall. Its about a week into flower and i notice buds forming, is my growth spurt coming? Thanks in advance! Love the show and keep on keepin on!

P.S. Cant wait to try the Recharge/Mondo Combo on my next grow!

_-+Philosophical Smoker+-_