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Hey Everyone,

I’m a little concerned about my first ever grow. I’m treating my first try at this as a trial run. I ordered 5 fem durban poison seeds from growers choice and decided to only try to grow one plant first time around to learn how to go about all of this. I’ve learned a ton so far and now feeling much more comfortable now that I’m most of the way through veg.

My concern is that she is (I feel at least) short for her age. As of today she is a month and three weeks from sprout. I did have challenges at first with nutes, humidity, temp, etc but have got all of that figured out and she looks healthy, no issues with leaves, all green and growing very well. Leaves get huge and I have trimmed her back to allow for light penetration and even used garden tie downs to pull shoots outward and to open it up more and have also topped the main shoot a few weeks back and she responded very well.

Despite my efforts she only seems to grow big thick leaves and shoots branch out and curve up around my tie downs but once they run upright then stall out and don’t get any taller.

Details of my grow are as follows –
Tent – 4×4

Grow type – 5 gallon hempy 3:1 perlite/vermiculite, water daily to a little less of a quarts worth of runoff just to keep the res fresh

Veg Lights – 2x HLG QB288 5k, driver set to 60%, 1x HLG QB96 V1 5k, driver set to 40watts (100%), both 18″ above canopy

Environment – Started to target VPD and ran temps at 75f and RH at 65% but I started getting nervous about mildew so dropped RH to 50-55%. Temps controlled by thermostat and space heater, RH controlled by humidistat and DIY 5 gallon bucket with ultrasonic fogger and PC fan to disperse fog (Works amazingly well and hardly ever have to refill)

Nutes – General Hydroponics Flora Micro and Bloom in RO water using Lucas method at lower dose to start and increasing ppm weekly, silica, calmag, hydroguard, and strict PH of 5.6-5.8. This weeks PPM are at 750, week before that was 650, week before that was 550. Slowly increasing to see any signs of nute burn and then will back off. Previous to this was just following directions on the GH 3 part for hydro and was seeing leaf issues so switched to lucas with small weekly ppm increases and everything cleared up. I keep my nute res at around 55f with 2 air stones so the hempy res is getting refreshed daily with oxygenated water and thinking the colder water will bring the existing res temp down a little.

My thoughts were on my lights intensity and and distance from the canopy. From what I understand is the plant with stretch to the light to get what light it needs correct? So I did raise my light to 24″ and dimmed them down to about 40-45%. Thinking that might cause her to stretch and grow up towards the light. Is that crazy to think. Anyone have an experience with these lights and a short plant? Any ideas or advice is greatly appreciated. Like I said this is my first run and am strictly trying to learn so I get some big yields down the road.

Attached is a pic of her from last night.