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WOW it feels great to be back hangin with the DGC for another grow season. you guys helped me so much last year and gave me my best harvest in 25 years (off/on) growing. also thanks to Scotty, Dude and Guru for great shows keeping me RECHARGED all season. I’ve started my seedlings already (if there’s a pic you know its early ๐Ÿ™‚ ) in my greenhouse, the floor of the green house is earth with woodchips on top. i also grow 3 to 4 plants directly into the ground as well as pots, anyways i know my floor has great microbiology and im pretty sure its cannafriendly because my past harvest was great. should i encourage the microbes to flow from floor to pots through the drain holes, if that makes sense? or should i keep a barrier there to stop any thing ‘creeping’ into my pots. wow i hope this made sense, the soil my seedlings are is fairly simple, mostly peat with some perlite and worm castings and some gaia green. i will be growing organic if that makes a difference. thanks for your help. its just a lil snow dont worryย  ๐Ÿ™‚