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I just got Recharge in the mail. I paid no money what so ever. Just nugs. Shipping and everything. I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you. I get nugs for basically having fun on your web site. And in turn , I get rewarded with things that benefit me and my girls. thank you guys sooooo freaking much. you guys do a great service for those that just love the community of what we love. This is what we love and you guys live it. I envy what you are doing in a non jealous way . you are very entertaining. Please don’t stop. Don’t worry about how much time a podcast goes. That makes it fixed almost. Keep it natural. Just go until you can’t provide anymore info. you guys are great. Been searching for a good podcast for years. Danny Danko was good, but inconsistent. You guys bring the dank!!!! Please keep it up. I’m in Ohio by the way. A group of us Listen religiously. Trying to bring recharge to my local grow store. I will give them one of my samples that my nugs have earned me. A big Hola to everyone in OHIGHO!!!!!!! Just giving a shout out. Maybe you guys can start regional threads or categories, sub groups or however that works. big DGC support in OHIGHO!!!!!! All over the world. You guys are motivators. A lot have started in the movement, but you guys keep it steady. I hope to do what you guys are doing and bring this to Ohio. you guys speak of an industry that is in my fantasies. Keep fighting the good fight.