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What up DGC, so I’ve been running a grow room for a year now, pest and disease free. This grow I’ve been running synthetic vs organic, I took 5 clones of my Maui Waui plant, they’re almost at week 7 of flowering, humidity has picked up here in New England, in the synthetic line I’m running two plants with canna nutes (whole line) and the canna soil  and recharge.  The organic I’m running coast of Maine platinum growers mix with canna bio.  The bio line is fabulous and the soil as well, along with recharge.  Trying to keep it simple, but I noticed tonight in the synthetic soil I have mushrooms growing in the soil. I know fungi is beneficial to soil decompisition, my plants look great, wondering if anyone has experienced them before, not really freaking out, I love mushrooms of all types, just wondering if it will affect the outcome. Like I said the organic is doing fine, but synthetic has the fungi, humidity has been around 40%-60% once and a while up in to the low 70s.  600w light hps hortilux.