I have used side lighting on many runs found that can increase yields by 15/20% and also help to control plant height. presently using a 240watt QB LED with 2 – 12by12 full cycle led panels for side lighting. If one chooses to run side lighting consider 2 ways: running with your  light cycle or run 6hrs per cycle (generally 9am to 3pm for veg) (flower- 10am to 2pm) sidelight increases later branching and bud sites when the plant is using energy for (excessive/strong)lateral branching this affect plants height (less energy going to the top) Now concerning bud size, SL can affect bud size (factor # of bud sites on branching) example “7 to 8 strong branches with 10 bud sites each (common) that’s 70-80 buds !!! good size buds not taking “popcorn” buds, FYI there is another type of lighting called vertical lighting were one places long florescent tubes place under the plant (lay on top of soil) this increased light increase lower branches. this might be pushing it too far! See where Infinity has side lighting also.