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Scotty is huge on the hempy bucket and with all of life’s challenges, I recently moved over to using a autopot sub irrigation system. What I cannot find is a general EC guideline for this type of irrigating/feeding. Growing in coco/perlite 70/30, with castings and Recharge hand watered in from top once a week.  I know I will be running a lower EC but last run maxed EC out at 1.2 due to signs of burn.  Not sure if the density of the flower was due to genetics or under feeding or another problem I misidentified (cal-mag locking P out in flowering). Is 1.2EC /600 ppm enough to get the density I typically get when I have top watered with a feed/water/feed schedule at higher EC.  So to wrap up my ramble and climb out of the rabbit hole, what’s a good EC range to run in veg and flower with a sub irrigated system like the autopot?  Saving a cut of the one pheno I liked to run again in the autopots. Something told me to hold onto this mazar x Afghan hybrid.