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What’s up guys, I randomly ran into THE Dude himself (and couldn’t believe it) while out biking in Burke mtn. Mentioned I was just just finishing my first small tent grow (4 lovely ladies: grape god, skunk #1, lemon skunk and purple cloud from seed.) and had to thank the Dude, Scottie and Guru for all the tips and explaining things in a way where someone new gets the concept of WHY to do it and not just “add this” and “do that” “please buy our products”. Watching/listening to The grow show and this hobby has helped keep me sane during this weird time and got a pretty sweet bounty to boot!

But I wanted to also share a hack that I’ve found useful for a tent/hobby grow to monitor/adjust Rh and temp if necessary when away. I got one of those WiFi cameras and a WiFi smart power strip from amazon. They have an app and can see/adjust Rh/temp from basically anywhere
Camera points to temp/Rh meter inside tent. The 4 outlets setup I use is humidifier, pole fan, 12” ocellating fan, inlet fan. This is back up/supplement for regular humidifier with Rh meter built in, fans that run and a 6” exhaust fan. It’s a bit mcguivered but works well to add Rh if the one tank runs out and I can’t be home for a bit or if things get a bit moist I can switch on the inlet fan or other fans until things are back in the zone. Maybe I’m overthinking environment but kinda had some time to kill lately so figured why not!!

Tldr: WiFi camera and WiFi power strip used for simple automation of supplemental rh and temp/wind control. Camera points to temp/Rh meter in tent, strip has humidifier and fans usually off but can add humidity or more intake air from basically anywhere for about $60cad from amazon. (If you have an extra couple fans and humidifier already)