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What’s up DGC

I just want to add on to a recent question I saw on pollen distribution. I want to experiment with some pollen chucking just for fun and personal use, however I am not at all interested in turning my flowering room into a breeding room quite yet…

Does anyone have experience with single branch pollination? If so what are the methods you’ve used to ensure the pollen doesn’t spread beyond that one branch, beyond just turning the fans off for a bit?

I forget where but I’ve heard water sterilizes pollen on contact so I was thinking of dusting one branch, covering it with something and spraying the rest of the room down with water/my normal routine foliar spray to make sure that the pollen is not fertile, even if it does happen spread beyond the chosen branch.
That’s the idea I came up with but I need some good feedback before I go bringing any pollen into a room full of females.

Thank you DGC for your ongoing support and valuable information for rookie growers like myself, very grateful for this community  and the wealth of knowledge you all share