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Hi DGC, I have two plants, 4 months old that are reverting to single point leaves. Anyone seen this or know what’s causing it?

The story is… I planted 6 seeds for my 4×4 tent, but can only fit 4. As a first time grower I thought for sure I’d kill some. All of them lived so I decided to buy a cheap Mars light to keep vegging the 2 extra while other 4 flowered, then flower the two extra when have room in the tent. I was able to keep them significantly smaller by keeping them in their 1 gal container for longer, 16/8 light cycle, an under-powered light, & trimming. I finally cut down my first harvest and now have room in my tent. Everything has seemed normal to me to this point. However now the newest leaves are only single point, and the next sets have only 3 points. On top of all this these plants are a bit of a mess. I’m thinking magnesium deficiency based on brown blotching. I also think it has some nitrogen toxicity based on leaf curling and because I over fed them, oops. Let me know what you think. They seem pretty pissed off to me… will the weed be worth it? Should I cut my losses and cut down? Was this a bad idea in general? Does anyone flower their mother plant? If no, why not?