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Whats up guys..I’m on my third grow with grow dots and recharge in grow buckets and coco. Although I’m loving the simplicity of feeding my plants this way, I consistently seem to be running into what I believe is ph issues. I water in at 5.8 regularly and top water with recharge once a week, but each plant has shown what is either calcium and/or ph problems soon as flower hits. FWIW I’m running autos.

I do let res dry on recharge days, but have been advised over on the discord to perhaps let it dry a bit longer, perhaps up to a 2 days. I know you run similar setups Scotty, so I’m wondering if you’ve ran into these same issues and what can be done to solve this? My next grow will be in Octopots, a similar sub irrigated system, so would really like to figure this out before going ahead with that.

I listen to y’all regularly and love what you’re doing for us amateur growers, please keep it up for a looong time! Thanks!