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There is blatant differences to HPS grows when it comes to finishing. You will not see yellowing and other forms of discoloration and leaves clawing inwards etc like you do under HPS/Gavita etc. The leaves will only mildly lighten up and it is super important to watch your trichomes with a magnifying glass. We’re finding from some customer pictures sent in that some people are waiting for plants to look like HPS plants and going way past the proper harvest time. By watching trichomes (which I know you guys know fully well) you can catch your plants at the optimum harvest moment if you’re going for THC (milky white with first hints of amber) or CBD (mostly amber).

A lot of indoor gardeners have never grow outside it would seem and don’t know what outdoor plants look like when finishing. That’s the closest comparison to what plants under our lights do.

I wanted to say that your plant is looking mighty good in your videos with our light. I wish smellovision was real!