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Whats going on DGC.

Iv been growing for 3ish years. I have a home made 5 ft tall 3 ft wide 5 ft long.  Temp at 80 humidity sits between low 67 high 72. Using the pulse vpd chart. I got a inkbird best investment for humidity control. Now I need a pulse us the next step for when i get bigger. Working on moving to a bigger space next round going to do a whole room. Okay the last 2 runs iv had hybrids the first one was vitamin C which is member Berry X carrot cake by organic man on the mountain. I have 3 Terp town from cannarado genetics. I noticed it last time when I did the vitamin C that around 10 she would droop a little bit. Now I have these terp town and they’re doing the same thing around 10 all three females which I use to feminize seeds start drooping a little bit. Every morning when I looking in my grow they are ready to go for the day. I have a alien stardawg and 2 chem 91 x cali o that don’t do it at all. Has anyone seen this? Also what would you do with a seedling that’s not growing but not dying. I hate putting my plants out to die but sometime it has to happen. Thanks everyone


The first picture is at 12 pm light comes on at 6 am 2 picture is 10 pm all my terp town do this. Like goes off at 12 pm