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Hello DGC, hello Scotty, Dude and the rest of the gang. This is my first time reaching out. I am 25 and diabetic for 13 years now, but I’ve finally reached a point of non stop pain that stops me from being able to do anything I used to be able to do. I have a 4 year old and I have to smoke in order to be able to play with her. I smoke all day all the time now, I started in September of last year and now I just smoke non-stop practically. It’s pretty expensive when you’re smoking for pain so I want to grow. Since I have diabetes my body heals very TRAGICALLY slowly, I have cuts on me all the time from working here and there. I heard an episode of dudegrows talking about cuts causing infestations of sorts. I’d love to know what I would have to do to keep that from happening, does clothing do enough to keep the plants safe?

P.s. I’ll be asking plenty more questions. Living high for life.